More than just a pub.

We totally get it. Sometimes you simply want fish and chips and you look to the Irish to fulfill that craving. But the reality is our menu goes way beyond fried fish, potatoes, and Shepherd's pie. 

Our kitchen has worked incredibly hard to put together a menu that any chef -- pub or otherwise -- would be proud to cook. Take our Tinga Torta for example: a made-from-scratch Central American masterpiece. Learn more below. 

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Spices, Welcome to the Pub

Dublin is home to a number of international influences and it's reflected in their culinary scene. Enter the Tinga Torta. Slow-cooked chicken, avocado, tomato, jalapeño, and Central American spices make this bad boy one good-looking and equally delicious sandwich. 

Passion In Everything

Food is not second tier for us. It's easy to let it be when pubs are so heavily drink focused. Trust us, we love a great cocktail and we can sling 'em with the best, but combining ingredients in the kitchen to make something truly special is a passion, not just a job.

Always Reinventing

Just because we put out a great menu doesn't mean we stop learning and experimenting with new flavors from Central America to Southeast Asia. We know our roots and that will always grace our dishes, however subtle, but Dublin and Ireland are changing and we're changing with it.

"The Tinga Torta may be the best thing I've ever eaten... and I've eaten Oysters Rockefeller that were blessed by a Tibetan monk."

Andrew Zimmern

The Dude Who Eats Everything


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